In 2015 Vera visited Mexico and took part in an extraordinary and interesting project. The Yolixtly national scout organization management invited the artist to participate in the essential social project – graffiti painting on the walls of a Mexico city central park.
Vera created the sketch the motive of which was the symbolics and fundamental scout values. San Jorge defeating a dragon - the main scouts symbol became the key figure of a mural. The European culture’s prototype is Saint George, in Ukraine – Saint Jur. 
The artist supervised 50 persons, young scouts and their instructors. Vera created the graphics layout on the wall, and children were creatively filling in with coloured paints using aerosol repellents.
The mural with a total area exceeding 80 sq.m. was covered within one day.
The end of the creative day was marked by rewards: Vera was inducted to scouts, and children-scouts thanked solemnly the artist for her co-operation.
Oksana Skripets, the principal secretary of the Ukrainian embassy in Mexico, with her husband were present at the awarding ceremony.
“Mexicans are a fabulous nation. Irrespective of the age, occupation and social status, all of them are artists. They have this intrinsic feeling of colour and rhyme. They needn’t to be taught how to become artists, you simply hand them repellents with paints and a colour layout plan, and they are creating effortlessly and with inspiration”, the artist noted.
Special credit for project implementation is given to Eduardo Hüttich and his family.