In 2016 Vera was invited to take part in the creative residency in the Carpathians. DEC Art Residency’s organizer - Irina Zaretskaya.
The main objective of the residency artists was to create a unique creative product in collaboration with children.
«I love the team-work and collaboration both with adults and tender aged artists. Regardless of the age, occupation and status, I see an artist in every person. If one confides oneself in response to that creative impulse, message I’m giving, it brings an interesting output.
Initially, before setting off to the residency, I mentioned in the plan that I wanted to create Saint Jur with children as the art-response to the mural created in Mexico with Mexican scouts. However, when I arrived, Kseniya, a residency curator, said that the children had all their time scheduled and would barely have any free time left. But I insisted and we agreed that if I saw a result I needed for the project during the courses, and subject to the child being interested to participate in creation of a big canvas, the instructors would find the time for the child to be able to come and complete the task.
I had four age groups at the lessons, children were doing the tasks oriented towards development of creativity, creative thinking, emotions study, visual memory development, verbalization of their concerns and feelings; also, there was  a task to create Saint Jur’s image in the senior group.
Out of 11 sketches there were 4 most suitable ones, and I picked up one that expressed the idea most eloquently in terms of the internal state. Max Piliavskiy turned out to be its author. In the young group, Yeva Kvartenko created very interesting, sophisticated architectonic structures at the “Emotions Colour” lesson, and I noticed her continuously painting them after my lessons already. I offered her to create clouds and the dragon in that style.
And considering the fact Yeva is an artistic girl, Max and his entire family were quite sure he wasn’t apt to painting. Two of them created the canvas manually, carried it over the linen, selected colours under my tactful guidance, but independently.
Time lapse video about creative process:
Max Piliavskiy & Yeva Kvartenko  - St George
As to diptych Dialogue, Nikita Repka also from the senior group took part. The kids had a task to paint scribbles and discern an image there. Nikita was completing the task not completely understanding what it was needed for and even asked a question “Excuse me, what are we doing?” “We are developing creative thinking and creativity”, he heard in response.
“Oh”, Nikita mumbled and continued painting more diligently. In the dab he painted I discerned a head with a winking eye and teasing tongue, and it became clear at once what the next project would look like. The dialogue –diptych. Nikita created his canvas independently in line with his sketch.
The second part was created by Vera DG after having pre-painted about 20 options of various heads, and having chosen one, so, here’s how the “Dialogue” project worked out. The dialogue between a teacher and a pupil, a man and a woman, fervency and coquetry.

To be brief, I enjoy working in collaboration with children and observe their inner world unleashing on a sheet of paper. And then on a linen”» Vera DG
The paintings were exhibited in the history museum in Kyiv and, eventually, successfully sold at the Dec Auction charity auction (autumn, 2016)