Vera DG’s Education, Professional associations, Exhibitions, Competitions, Operational experience:

Date and place of birth:

1983 – November  04,  Kharkiv, Ukraine


2007-2009 The Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, The department of Fine Arts, certificate of Specialist’s degree in the Monumental art (with honors degree)

2003-2007  The Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, The department of Fine Arts, certificate of Bachelor’s degree in the Monumental art  (This specialty includes wall painting, stained glass, mosaic, ceramic, fresco, scratch work)

1998-2003  The Kharkiv State Art College (with honors degree)

2007-2010  Icon painting school at the Kharkiv Theological Seminary

2007    School of  the airbrushing art at the Sastudio,  Kharkiv

2014 – Certificate in Art Therapy under the program «Modern innovative psycho art-therapy technologies»

2014 – University of Pennsylvania (USA)/ Design, Innovation and Creativity course

2015 – Museum of Contemporary Art MoMA (USA)/ Art & Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies course

2018 – California Institute of the Arts / Introduction to Imagemaking course

Professional associations:

2002 Allied member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine


2018 — Exhibition Karma at the club Art Utopia, Bodrum, Turkey

2018 —Exhibition Resonans at the D-Marin Yacht Club, Bodrum, Turkey

2018 —International art workshop ARTclan at Cunda Island, Ayvalik, Turkey

2018 – Exhibition «Ritmik Hayatlar»/ Nişart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2017 – International mail-art exhibition CONFLUENZE / CONFLUENCES, Italy

2016 – Exhibition-auction DEC Place, Kiev, Ukraine

2016 – DEC art exhibition in the Museum of History of Kiev, Ukraine

2015 –  Personal exhibition in Mexico City, the Gallery Kuii, Mexico

2015 – Creation of Mural on the wall  in one of the central parks of Mexico City, together with the Mexican scouts

2015 – Created a unique project Art monofin and made the presentation of the product with direct online broadcast, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 – Festival of Innovation, Science and Creativity Make it Show, member of gallery Start UP, Kyiv

2015 – Solo exhibition of paintings on glass “Me – You – Emotions”, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2015 – Art-performance “Me – You – Emotions”, Night of Museums festival, the city of Sumy

2015 – The exhibition of the finalists in the contest of Contemporary Art the name of David Burliuk, Sumy, Ukraine

2015 – Creating the world’s first airbrushing upon unique musical instruments Vadjraghanta and  Pantam SPB

2014 – Creation of a logo for clothing brand Ukrainian team of intellectual games (backgammon)

2014 – 5-th international Art-camp in Baja, Hungary

2014 –6x6x14, Exhibition at the Rochester contemporary art center, NY, USA

2014 – Mole the world, Czech Republic

2014 – Exhibition at the gallery il Quadro, Aachen, Germany

2014 – Winter Land Art Festival  «Mithogenez »,  Ukraine

2013 – Publication in the international catalog Creative Contemporary Artists, Berlin, Germany

2013Red Bull Collective Art, Worldwide

2013 – Auto-show Stolichnoe, Airbrushing Tuning contest, Kiev

2013 – Auto-Moto fest, Kiev Ice Stadium

2013 – Land Art Festival «Spring wind», Kiev, Ukraine

2013 – Land Art Festival «Khortiza», Zaporija, Ukraine

2012 –  Airbrushing exhibition at the gallery Maestro with a group of Blossom, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2012 –  Exhibition of Contemporary Art, the gallery Palladium, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2012 –   International competition of shorts films Paris, Visions Revees, France

2011–  International Folk Art Festival, Chicago, USA with artworks Psychedelic dolls

2011 – International exhibition «Drawing connections»,Siena ArtInstitute, Italy

2011 – Project of Mikhail Shemyakin «Hands in Art», St. Petersburg, Russia

2011 – Kharkiv Street-Art Festival with project «Music Hall», Ukraine

2011 – Street-Art Festival «Reservation», project «Overcome», Sumy, Ukraine

2011 – Airbrushing exhibition at the gallery Maestro, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2011 – Street-Art Festival «Interventio», Vinnitsa, Ukraine

2011 – «Mogritsa 2010 – 2011. Exhibit Project», Soviart gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

2011 – Member of the International Week of Contemporary Art «Space Odyssey», Art Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine

2011 – Land Art Festival «Mithogenez», Vinnitsa, Ukraine

2010 – First Personal Art Exhibition «Dialog», Gallery 21, Sumy, Ukraine

2009 – The organizer and the main artist of body-art show at the Tuning Fest show/Radmir Expohall, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2009 – Land Art program of Art-POLE Festival /Sheshory, the region of Vinnitsa, Ukraine

2009 – Land Art Festival in Mogriza, the region of Sumy, Ukraine

2009 – In close collaboration with Sastudio – participant  of Demon’s Auto Show, Kharkiv, Ukraine/ airbrushing on Hunday Tuscon – joint  design and realization

2009 – Biannual exhibition of sculpture ,  House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine

2008 – Gogol Fest – The Festival of Visual Arts/ underground exhibition space, Kiev, Ukraine

2008 – Created symbol of Festival Non Stop Media, Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, Ukraine

2007 – Participant  of  Exhibition Open Art, Open-air gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Since from 2002 year – permanent participant of regional and national exhibitions conducted by National Union of Artists of Ukraine


2012– Participant of the international competition of shorts films Paris, Visions Revees, France

2009 – Audience award of Art Competition «Sumskaya street», organized by consulting company «Rubanenko & Partners», Kharkiv / for  the airbrushing picture «My city».

2009 – Prize winner in the Festival of pocket films, organized  by L’Institut français d’Ukraine  and French Cultural Center in Ukraine / a pocket film «The Game» («Le Geu»)

2003 – Prize winner All Ukrainian’s competition of drawing among art colleges undergraduates

2002 – First Prize of the Art Jewelry Competition, organized  by Ukrainian’s jewelry company «Smaragd»

Operational experience:

2014-2017 Founder of on-line school of art

2013 –2014  Developer of the Interior design and car airbrushing design with Art Interior Team, Kiev, Ukraine

2012 – Developer of the corporate design mugs, bags and wall decor for office IT company Softheme, Kiev, Ukraine

2012 – Director and painter of murals in the refectory and the baptismal church of St. Michael the Archangel, vil. Babai, Kharkiv region, Ukraine

2012 – Main artist andart director inthe project of decoration the Mirotel Resort & Spa,Truskavets, Ukraine

2011 – Main Artist at the Atelier of Body Repair, SRT station, Kiev

2011 – Work in collaboration as a top artist with the company Art & Interior, Kiev

2010-2011 Work in collaboration as a top artist with A&TCompany, Kiev

2008 – Author of the project and leader of the painting and restoration of architecture memorial of Ukrainian wood architecture of XVII cen.:  St. John the Divine Church, Kurilovka village, Kharkiv region.

2008 – Author of the project and realization in close collaboration with a Sastudio of the interior painting in night club R-Place  in Kharkiv.

Collaboration and joined art-projects with young Ukrainian artists – since 2008 year.

Car Airbrushing since  2007 year.

Interior painting since  2006 year.

Collaboration with the jewelry factory «Samozvety» 2006, Belgorod, Russia


Calligraffiti, mural art, art-therapy, painting, graphic art, doodling, stained-glass windows, frescoes, mosaic, interior painting, land-art, photographing, airbrushing.


Works are held in the private collections of Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel and Chile.