Artist statement

I’m an artist. I like to make people smile and feel happy. I love to create beautiful work and feel a sense of satisfaction when I do.

 I have been in love with art since my childhood. To learn color, shape, and texture and to create new experiences is what I have always been interested in. In my day-to-day life, I try to learn something new every day, and art for me is a way of expressing my knowledge of the world.

At the beginning of my creative career, I faced the challenges of conveying form, three-dimensionality, volume and color. As I grew as an artist, I challenged myself with more and more complex projects, such as creating a decorative panel, combining it with the architecture of a building, and designing stained-glass windows and mosaics.

 I love any kind of dialogue between fine arts and architecture. I love the genre of monumental art, or mural art: wall paintings, mosaics and stained glass pieces, inspire me to create.

 By profession, I’m a monumental artist, and I prefer big formats, projects and tasks. I like to experiment, look for new solutions, invent new formats and learn new techniques. Sometimes I create projects on the theme of social or environmental issues. In addition, I work in the illustration and comics genres. I also like to work in collaboration with children and other artists.

 Life is beautiful, and art reflects life in all of its complexity. For me, the biggest reward is always the enthusiastic gaze of a captivated audience, inspired by what I am creating.