Aibrushing upon Pantam & Vadjra by Vera DG

Aibrushing upon Pantam & Vadjra by Vera DG

2015 year was marked for Vera DG as a year of collaboration with famous Ukrainian brand Vadjraghanta, which produce authentic hand made musical instruments for percussionists, which known in the world as Pantam (handpan) and Vadjraghanta.

Pantam is a unique instrument that produces by only several masters in the world and waiting time in the line for instrument could be more than 2 years. It has tiny and super sensitive layer of metal, so applying airbrushing technique is possible only for bottom part of the instrument. Upper part of instrument wich make unique sounds has natural metal color. Artist can apply only two tiny ornamental strokes.
In 2015 year Vera has visited Mexico and has got strong inspiration of aztec culture and cultural heritage of the country. After artist back to Ukraine she started to work upon musical instruments. In vibrant decoration and structural metal textures we feel influence of her impressions by mexican culture.
Musical instruments look unusual, unique and very luxurious after applying the high skill of the artist.
Next instrument is Vadjraghanta is an idiophone (from Greek ιδιος, "same";, φωνη "sound"), made by master Oleg Veshiy.

Airbrushing - Vera DG

This is an unique musical instrument, where the source of the sound is the instrument’s
body itself. The first specimen was created in August 2013, and since then Vadjraghanta is becoming more and more famous.
The complexity of airbrushing on Vadjraghanta is that you can not give a thick layer of paint and varnish. This layer should be extremely thin, which also affects the sounds quality. This instrument has a unique sound, in part due to the skill of the artist and the technological process of production.

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