About me

I cannot say that I belong to a specific nation or a country. I am a citizen of the world, and our planet is my home. I feel at home in any country and any continent.

Art is a way of expressing my experiences in the world. It is interesting to understand the world in different ways, and from different points of view. That is why I am a multi-disciplinary artist, and work in various techniques and styles. Wall painting, calligraphy, graffiti, monumental graphics, aerography, body painting, illustration, comics are areas I focus on.

I also founded an online art school, Soavera.club, because I enjoy helping others find themselves creatively.

-Tell me about yourself, what type of artist are you?

-I call myself an “analog artist.” That is, I really like to work with my hands and feel the materials I am working with: the texture of the wall, paper, canvas, brush or marker. I really like to feel the physical sensation of creating art. Although sometimes I work on a wacom tablet to create a digital piece, I always create original sketches and solidify the concept first on paper.

I was born in 1983 in Kharkov, Ukraine. I know for a fact that I dreamed of becoming an artist from early childhood and my first personal exhibition took place when I was only six years old! Over the following 8 years, I also studied music, but always preferred fine art, where I discovered a greater range of activity and expression.

I have taken part in many exhibitions and projects on a local scale in Ukraine, but also internationally: my work has appeared in places such as Kharkov, Kiev, Sumy, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye (Ukraine), Siena (Italy), St. Petersburg (Russia), Mexico City (Mexico), New York (USA), Aachen (Germany), Czech Republic, and France.

The most striking project I have participated in was a wall painting in one of the central parks of Mexico City (2015) for a collaboration with Mexican scouts.

The theme of the murals was symbolism associated with the Yolixtly scouts. The symbol of Mexican scouts St. Jorge was the central figure of one of the murals. The equivalent of St. Jorge in Ukrainian culture is St. Yura, and in Summer 2016, I collaborated with a group of Ukrainian schoolchildren on a painting of St. Yura for the educational camp DEC in the Carpathians.

Presently I am working on a new series of monumental calligraphy works, in which I connect elements of architectural construction, emotional expression, calligraphy and figurative elements.

My educational history, exhibition details and professional experience can be found in my CV.

I currently live and work in Istanbul.

My artworks held in private collections in Ukraine, USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Israel and Chile.

  • Galleries I worked with in the past include:

Nişart Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

Kuii Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

il Quadro Gallery, Aachen, Germany

Rochester Art Center, New York, USA

Palladium Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Soviart Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Gallery Maestro, Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Art fairs I have participated in include:

The International Folk Art Festival, Chicago, USA

Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Italy

Space Odyssey, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine

Gogol Fest /The Festival of Visual Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine

Festival of Innovation and Creativity, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Biennial exhibitions I have joined include:

Biennial exhibition of sculpture, House of Artists, Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Museums which have featured my artwork include:

Museum of History of Kyiv, Ukraine